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Our story

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Barbados, FundCount has offices in Boston, Toronto, Singapore, and Dubai. It originally developed software for the hedge fund market and grew from there. The benefits of FundCount’s fully integrated accounting, general ledger and investment analysis solution spread quickly and created demand from other market segments.

Today, single and multi-family offices, fund administrators, private equity firms, and hedge funds worldwide rely on FundCount for accurate, timely information and flexible reporting. FundCount improves operational efficiency and provides immediate, actionable intelligence that helps our clients – and our clients’ clients – succeed.

FundCount's Story

Why FundCount?

There are numerous accounting and investment management software solutions on the market. What sets FundCount apart?

Single, integrated platform

Consolidates portfolio and partnership accounting in one system, providing accurate and readily available investment information for analysis and decision-making.

Streamlined efficiency

Eliminates inefficiencies and minimizes risk through automated tools, allowing firms to confidently move forward with accurate calculations.

Flexible, effortless reporting

Flexible, self-service reporting puts you in control to create, customize, and deliver consolidated reports in minutes right from your desktop.

Global support

Our global offices provide over 16 hours of daily support, ensuring you great service when you need it.

FundCount offers a comprehensive, efficient platform with global support and a strong commitment to client service!

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