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Streamline your business processes and significantly enhance productivity. Automate repetitive tasks, and manage invoices, and reduce errors to improve overall efficiency and save time.


Eliminate manual data entry from scans saving a huge amount of time. Expand auto-processed data fields, validate documents, and automatically process invoices and K-1s from any vendor or fund manager.


Visualize deal flow impact to gain more insights. Automate investor requests and accounting transactions, while you stay on top of client communication and ensure seamless data for a more professional approach.

Payment systems

Initiate approved invoice payments, book processed payments and reconcile book records; which will help you maintain a clear and organized financial system, allowing for easy tracking of transactions and efficient financial management.

Business intelligence

Transform data into dashboards, and leverage seamless user experience. Display and edit BI and reports to gain insights and make informed decisions; which will help you improve performance, drive growth, and enhance efficiency.

Order management systems

Streamline trade lifecycle. Book records, manage allocations, initiate deals, and reconcile books. Automate the process to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Monitor and analyze data to identify trends and make informed decisions.

Custodian and market data feeds

Automate data aggregation. Access real-time market data. Import accurate data from trusted providers. Leverage advanced analytics to gain insights and make informed decisions. Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

Custom control and document management

Craft custom apps. Integrate Excel reports. Maintain spreadsheets with unified data. Improve workflow with apps. Enhance collaboration and communication with real-time data sharing. Streamline processes and increase productivity with tailored solutions.

RPA and digital signatures

Utilize Robotic Process of Automation for seamless data imports and exports. Automate logins. Integrate with a reliable digital signature provider. Implement intelligent algorithms to optimize data processing and reduce errors.

AML/KYC, Zapier and taxes

Connect to AML and KYC solutions. Integrate FundCount with over 7,000 apps via Zapier. Use a custom API to connect any tax accounting solution Create tax reports in your favorite tax software.

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