Partnership Accounting

Streamline partnership accounting using our user-friendly software, managing various funds and investor accounting effortlessly

Transition from spreadsheets

Manage accounting and reporting seamlessly for single and multi-class partnerships. Calculate NAV, track waterfall structures, and handle contributions, distributions, and series of shares comprehensively.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Leverage partnership accounting software to import investor data, accelerate P&L allocations, streamline workflows from data input to NAV calculation, and enhance reporting with user-defined operational workflows.

Streamlined operations

Replace manual input with automated investor profile and activity data import. Calculate profit and loss allocations, manage cash flows, and streamline workflows for NAV calculation and reporting.

More than partnership accounting

Combine portfolio accounting and partnership accounting in a single system. Integrate a real-time general ledger to consolidate financial activity and reporting, offering a comprehensive view of investments.

Tax reporting

Automate U.S. partnership tax accounting complexities with FundCount’s IRS-approved solutions. Handle Sections 704b, 704c, and 754 accounting and generate IRS K-1s effortlessly.

Customizable on-demand reports

Deliver visually appealing and transparent client statements with customizable on-demand reports, including capital statements, performance reports, and more to meet diverse reporting requirements.

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