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Private Equity

Strengthen your firm with CRM and Deal Flow solutions integrated into the back-office system. Ensure efficient client communication


Comprehensive investment support

Cover a wide range of private investment types and accounts, from fundraising to final distribution and close, with automatic management fee calculations and profit split tracking.

Traversal of complexities

Effortlessly handle call allocations, waterfalls, performance measurements, and capital calls/distributions with accuracy and auditability, while also excluding specific individual investors as needed.

Simplified process

Automate data flow from investment and investor transactions to our real-time general ledger for seamless consolidation and single-step transaction recording, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and email systems.

Insightful reporting made easy

Generate clear, accurate, and customizable reports with streamlined templates. Enhance communication with stakeholders and save time with our user-friendly reporting solution.

Online access to CRM and LP

Integrate CRM and FoundCount’s investor portal to manage contacts, data, and fundraising. Obtain an interactive reporting interface and custom-branded website for GP-LP communication.

Capital call functionality

Use private equity business management software to calculate call allocations, exclude specific investors, and generate custom capital call letters and statements. Streamline the capital call process for increased efficiency and accuracy.

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