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Fund Administration

Achieve accurate, efficient and timely NAV reporting. Master the dual challenge of speed and accuracy and enhance overall efficiency for your firm


Aggregated information

Use the fund management platform to integrate information from multiple systems into a single platform, reduce dependence on error-prone spreadsheets, and automate data import for improved accuracy and efficiency.

No more error-prone spreadsheets

Combine data from various systems into a single platform, minimizing reliance on error-prone spreadsheets, and automate data import to enhance accuracy and efficiency.

Scalable for growth

Complete accounting and analysis for all investments, securities, and fund structures, enabling limitless growth in client services, expanding your business with confidence.

New level of client communications

Quickly create timely and accurate reports with self-service reporting. Customize with charts and graphs for visual impact and easy data presentation, and deliver them by email, online, or through the web portal.

Full operational support

Obtain end-to-end operational support by accepting data feeds, creating NAV, calculating fees, reconciling portfolios, and automatically revaluing fund structures.

Built-in flexibility

Utilize custom functions for proprietary calculations and Excel data integration, saving time, avoiding redundancy, and achieving unmatched adaptability for your unique needs.

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