Data Aggregation

View comprehensive wealth data across client assets with our tool, promoting informed investment decisions

Efficiency through automation

Leverage FundCount’s data aggregation for a comprehensive wealth overview. Use feeds from custodians and data providers for streamlined data management. Boost efficiency with instant reporting and automated double-entry accounting.

Unwavering security

Prioritize data security for any firm size. Choose FundCount’s private cloud or on-premise setup with isolated databases. Data flows directly to your secure FundCount instance, safeguarding your vital asset.

Total control in your hands

Use FundCount to place yourself in control of your data. Access source data directly to give you custom insight. Protect your data rules from external changes to reduce error risks.

Adaptable reporting excellence

Easily accommodate client requests for custom rules and reports. Track transactions across all assets and currencies. Quickly produce performance reports for informed investment decisions.

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