High-Net-Worth Individuals

Consolidate portfolio and ownership accounting in one professional solution. Spend less time and money to get consolidated reports


Powerful yet simple investment reporting solution

Get hassle-free investment accounting and reporting with no headaches. Post and analyze your global operations through a unified general ledger with full multi-currency and multi-book capabilities.

Affordable price

Benefit from the flat pricing with no hidden costs, low implementation cost with a unique guided transformation approach, and clear path to upgrade when your wealth grows.

Robust accounts payable module

Simplify your payment processes and enhance financial management with an embedded AP functionality. Seamlessly connect FundCount to a bill paying system of your choice, enabling efficient and secure payment transactions.

Investment-grade general ledger

Record all transactions in the system once and act on them for financial, portfolio, and partnership reporting purposes simultaneously. No need to wait for the period’s close or until your accountant sorts out the statements.

Portfolio consolidation

Streamline asset management and gain a comprehensive view of your portfolio by effortlessly consolidating personal, alternative, and market assets, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Basic and advanced reporting

Get over 100 reports out of the box, and use the report builder when you need something special. Any report is ready in seconds, no matter what instrument, vehicle, asset, or legal or economic holding structure you work with.

No IT headache

Adopt the system as a service from the fully-managed secure cloud. All IT costs are already included, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance, backups, and security.

Getting started easy

Set up and launch the system in days with the guided implementation from FundCount. Benefit from ten hours of consulting with FundCount’s business or product analyst, and the full access to the entire FundCount documentation, knowledge base, and technical support.

How it works

This diagram offers a comprehensive view of how FundCount simplifies complex data and operating environments.

On the left, you’ll find external inputs, while the right showcases key outputs. The center highlights where FundCount’s magic occurs. The grey streams between them illustrate the complex interrelationships from input to output data. FundCount is designed to handle this complexity, transforming diverse data sources into meaningful outputs.

FundCount unified platform removes the need for reconciliation and integration work efforts between modules and associated limitations in speed, accuracy and data insights. Deliver more accurate reports to your clients faster at a fraction of a cost!

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