Implementation approach tailored to your needs

FundCount provides either managed or guided implementation based on your industry, project size, and complexity. Our team plays an active role, ensuring an unmatched success rate for projects
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of back-office software implementation and ensure a smooth and successful process.

Managed Implementation

This approach offers comprehensive support, with the FundCount team overseeing and ensuring project delivery. Your dedicated team will include a project manager, business analysts, and various subject matter experts

Business analysis phase

The implementation process is divided into stages to bolster risk management. In the initial phase, our team conducts a thorough analysis, resulting in the creation of a Business Requirements Document (BRD). This BRD identifies custom workflow, functionality, and reporting requirements. Based on the BRD, we finalize and set the implementation costs.

During this phase, your team has the opportunity to undergo training and certification at the FundCount Academy, enhancing their understanding of FundCount’s capabilities.

Gate decision

You’re not obligated to purchase the FundCount software until you’ve received the estimated implementation fee. With this estimate in hand, you can then make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the software deployment.

Execution phase

If you opt to deploy the software, the execution phase begins, structured around specific milestones. The primary goal of the first milestone is to operationalize one entity without the inclusion of modules, automated data feeds, or custom workflows.

The next milestone focuses on integrating all entities, establishing data links with custodians/banks and other software, and activating modules as detailed in the BRD.

The final milestone is marked by the completion of all custom reports, functionalities, and workflows.

This phase also includes training sessions for your team members who will be utilizing FundCount.

Transition to support

After the execution phase concludes, the transition to the support phase takes place. In this phase, our dedicated business account executives work closely with you to ensure you fully utilize the software’s capabilities.

Guided Implementation

This approach empowers clients to implement FundCount with our guidance. It’s ideal for high-net-worth individuals, small family offices, and fund administrations. Successful implementation is enhanced by the training and certification your project team receives at the FundCount Academy

Business analysis phase

As with managed implementation, the BRD is crafted initially. It outlines a primary or model entity, current data sources and data points, workflow and reporting requirements, and identifies capability gaps along with their solutions.

Implementation patronage

After finalizing the BRD, the client’s implementation team commences their product training and undergoes certification at the FundCount Academy. Our specialists deliver training on topics from the BRD not covered in standard training and certification.

Subsequently, the client proceeds with self-implementation using the self-implementation pack provided by FundCount. Our team remains available for on-demand consulting support throughout this phase.

Transition to support

Upon concluding the execution phase, the transition to the support phase begins. In this phase, clients receive product updates, gain full access to the Knowledge Base, and can opt for additional consulting services if needed.

Full access to Knowledge Base

Serving as a single source of truth, our Knowledge Base features over 1,000 articles that cover everything from “How-to” guides to in-depth “Reference Articles”. Designed for ease of use, these resources are often the first point of reference for clients seeking reliable information on FundCount.

Full access to FundCount Academy

We take your learning needs seriously, and, thus, have designed a blended plan to address your needs and set you up for success. Combining e-learning and webinars, our tailored training program ensures software mastery for users.

Implementation and Client Success Team

FundCount’s 20 years of experience and renowned specialists ensure a seamless
implementation for unmatched succes

Implementation and Client Success teams

Alex Vizcaino
Client Success Manager
Kir Ivanov
Client Business Analyst, APAC
Rishav Garg
Client Success Manager, APAC
Bernard Ng
Senior Business Analyst
Clement Pak
Implementation Project Manager
Cory Maynard
Implementation Project Manager
Grace Chiu
Senior Business Analyst
Matthew Li
Senior Business Analyst
Max Stepanov
Implementations Solution Architect
Phillip King
Senior Business Analyst

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