Single Family Office

Optimize family office operations with our all-in-one solution. Automate processes and consolidate wealth using a unified general ledger for enhanced efficiency


One integrated view of wealth

Gain instant access to a consolidated view of your wealth for accurate investment analysis and reporting with software for family offices. Aggregate, with our comprehensive solution, all portfolio and partnership accounting activity through a real-time general ledger.

Transparency in complex family entity structures

Auto-reconcile nested entities, eliminating manual errors and saving time. Automated P&L and cash flows ensure fast book closing and accurate look-through reporting.

Automated data feeds

Use family office software solutions to seamlessly integrate and manage information with automated data feeds from various sources, saving time and ensuring accuracy. Easily import data from multiple sources, reducing the risk of error.

No system ping-pong

Eliminate error-prone spreadsheets and siloed data with an integrated platform for accounting, analysis, and reporting on a broad range of asset types. Streamline your financial processes and improve the accuracy of your data.

All asset classes supported

Take full control of your investment management with a comprehensive single system that handles any type of marketable and alternative assets seamlessly.

Flexible Accounts Payable

Track, approve, and pay family expenses, monitor bank and credit card accounts, and manage cash with fast, accurate support for the complete payment lifecycle.

Upgraded communication

Enable family members to self-serve their portfolio reporting needs through look-through reporting, enhancing communication efficiency. Improve transparency and foster better relationships within the family.

Top safety and security

Choose the best deployment option to comply with your data security policy. Deploy the solution in a public cloud, your private cloud, or on your hardware with limited access from the outside Net.

How it works

This diagram offers a comprehensive view of how FundCount simplifies complex data and operating environments.

On the left, you’ll find external inputs, while the right showcases key outputs. The center highlights where FundCount’s magic occurs. The grey streams between them illustrate the complex interrelationships from input to output data. FundCount is designed to handle this complexity, transforming diverse data sources into meaningful outputs.

FundCount unified platform removes the need for reconciliation and integration work efforts between modules and associated limitations in speed, accuracy and data insights. Deliver more accurate reports to your clients faster at a fraction of a cost!

Assess your Family KPI

FundCount introduces the Family Office KPI initiative to the community, aiming to boost transparency and efficiency in wealth management. Developed over 15 years, it’s a quick 15-minute assessment tool, not just a survey. This carefully designed methodology helps families and their offices align goals and foster continuous improvement.

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