Investor Portal

Improve client service by providing secure online access to investor-related materials, ensuring efficient data handling

Instant access to vital data

Use FundCount’s investor portal software for centralized client-data management. Swiftly access key documents and utilize a simple dashboard for a quick view of NAV and other data points, driving up client satisfaction.

Safety and traceability

Use the maker-checker concept to release important documents and messages to clients. Secure data with high-end bank-level encryption, and ensure data privacy with GDPR compliance.

Seamless system integration

Integrate the Investor Portal seamlessly with FundCount’s back-office accounting. Adopt a multi-tiered approval process for data precision. Ensure the Portal can sync with any data source, enabling bidirectional investment communication.

Personalized for investor requirements

Capitalize on investor management software to provide tailored information promptly, automate sending allocations and statements to investors, create device-friendly reports and share them via email or a custom site, and tailor communications to investor preferences.

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