Fund Administration Incubator

Deploy a cost-effective and user-friendly system for client accounting and reporting swiftly — a solution that scales seamlessly as your business flourishes.


Focus on business, not on accounting

Get ahead with our top-tier, award-winning solution. Spend more time on your business and less time on back-office tasks. Start doing accounting and reporting more efficiently than using Excel, QuickBooks, or any other system.

Launch the new solution easily

Start with FundCount and quickly bring new clients on board within days. Begin without heavy upfront investment – costs scale with your business and client expansion.

Rely on enterprise-level software

Access features found only in high-end solutions without the hefty price tag. Automate complex business tasks and generate detailed reports with ease.

Benefit from clear pricing model

The FundCount Fund Administration Incubator is built to be budget-friendly and within reach for companies big and small, with a particular emphasis on supporting Fund Administration start-ups during their initial growth phase when managing a small client roster. Check our Pricing page!

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