Hedge Fund

Enhance operations with our integrated accounting and reporting solution. Focus more on investment opportunities rather than back-office


Accurate, consolidated information

Manage all your accounting and analytics for complex fees, legal entity structures and investment strategies on one comprehensive platform that provides real-time response capabilities and significantly speeds period-end close, tax, and audit cycle times.

Multi-currency general ledger

Ensure all investor and portfolio accounting activity flows through a single integrated multi-currency general ledger for a complete and accurate performance picture to base your investment decisions.

Comprehensive functionality

Utilize accounting software for venture capital and more to prepare full financials (P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, NAV, capital statements) 24/7 and ensure you have all the data you need at your fingertips for making informed decisions.

Streamlined efficiency

Automate data aggregation, reconciliation, fee accruals, and expense calculations to save time and increase productivity. Configure other processes to run automatically.

Flexible performance tracking

Upgrade your performance tracking capabilities. Benefit from custom functions that enable you to use proprietary calculations and integrate your Excel data so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Fast and easy reporting

Prepare fully flexible reporting 24/7 without closing the books, allowing for quick access to crucial financial information. With hedge fund accounting software, there’s no need to wait until the end of the quarter.

Improved investor service

Provide your investors with secure access to view live reports through tablets and phones or deliver reports online, via email or by regular mail. Keep your clients updated up to the minute.

Shadow with confidence

Easily shadow your fund administrator with double-entry, multi-currency accounting based off our customizable chart of accounts. Efficiently strike NAVs by funds, classes, side pockets, partners, or series.

How it works

This diagram offers a comprehensive view of how FundCount simplifies complex data and operating environments.

On the left, you’ll find external inputs, while the right showcases key outputs. The center highlights where FundCount’s magic occurs. The grey streams between them illustrate the complex interrelationships from input to output data. FundCount is designed to handle this complexity, transforming diverse data sources into meaningful outputs.

FundCount unified platform removes the need for reconciliation and integration work efforts between modules and associated limitations in speed, accuracy and data insights. Deliver more accurate reports to your clients faster at a fraction of a cost!

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