Portfolio Accounting

Utilize portfolio accounting and data aggregation with our solution, offering a unified view of all investments and assets

Any asset type

Accurately track, analyze and report the value of complex investments, including currencies, swaps, derivatives, private equity, real estate, and debt instruments. Go beyond equites with support for all assets.

Beyond portfolio accounting

Integrate partnership, tax, investment, and real-time general ledger accounting into a single platform, streamlining your financial operations efficiently. Ensure the requirements of investment operations, fund accounting and investor relations.

Customizable investment tracking

Maximize insight with customizable categories and investment tracking. Enhance efficiency, reduce errors through seamless integration, and connect directly to custodians and market data feeds.

Assessing performance and managing risk

Use portfolio accounting system to assess portfolio performance with a wide range of return and statistical measures for benchmark comparisons and performance attribution analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Compliance made easy

Adhere to industry standards like FASB, IFRS, and CFA Institute. Streamline with automated processes and integrated workflow tools for transparency and an audit trail.

Flexible client reporting

Customize reports and integrate business intelligence tools with rich visuals that tell a story with the data. Automate client report distribution via email or the FundCount investor portal.

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