Gained a consolidated view of investments, efficient data import/export and flexible reporting

Founded in 2016, Hatcher+ is a global data-driven venture fund headquartered in Singapore. The firm’s search for a versatile, comprehensive asset management solution that would extend its service offerings and complement the Hatcher+ AI-powered FAAST™ (funds-as-a-service technology) platform led them to FundCount.


Roadmap to objectives

Identify the requirements

Offer clients a full suite of fund administration solutions tailored to their complex business needs.

Seek a single source of truth

Explore solutions that integrate accounting and reporting on one unified platform.

Evaluate and decide

Select FundCount for its ability to handle both private and public investment portfolios.

Integrate with existing systems

Leverage FundCount’s accurate accounting and customizable reports to enhance service offerings.

Key results

APIs and automated import/export functionality deliver greater efficiency and accuracy, saving time and improving communication.
A unified view across all investments, assets and fund structures facilitates analysis and supports more informed investment decisions.
Detailed calculation log for fees with drill-down capabilities provides greater clarity.
Robust reporting capabilities enable customized reports tailored to specific client needs.

"FundCount’s unified fund accounting platform provides a consolidated view across public and private investments so we can easily determine net allocations."

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