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The Lupton Company, LLC is a Chattanooga-based single-family office providing investment, management, legal, and other services to the Lupton family members. They faced challenges due to the large number of family entities and ownership structures, requiring a flexible accounting and reporting solution to support their complex environment.


Roadmap to objectives

Research and discover

Lupton learned about FundCount and requested a software demonstration to assess its capabilities.

Proof of concept

They conducted a proof of concept using private equity and marketable securities data for two entities to compare it with their existing process.


The results showed that FundCount’s software aligned closely with their current process, proving its suitability.


Lupton adopted FundCount to achieve flexible accounting and reporting, gain access to a full range of reports, and ensure ease of use.

Key results

FundCount granted Lupton superior visibility into their financial data, consolidating partnership and portfolio accounting into one general ledger. This integration facilitated better decision-making through a unified financial perspective, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.
The software allowed Lupton to generate tailored reports based on various parameters, from entity to geography. Additionally, its pragmatic approach meant custom reports could be shared, fostering collaboration among the user community.
With features like the multi-entity drop-down menu, FundCount optimized processes, enabling quicker data verification and entity management. This led to significant time savings and bolstered confidence in data precision.
Lupton valued FundCount’s responsive client service, ensuring they received timely assistance and smooth support throughout their experience.

"We never anticipated that a software solution could make us even more efficient, but FundCount did just that."

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