Maybe you’re starting a new fund administration business because you have a vision for making fund manager lives easier. Or, maybe you’re a seasoned industry professional and a fund administration startup is the next logical step in your career trajectory. Whatever it is that brought you to this point, now, you’re ready to leverage that expertise to build a specialized service focused on fund administration.

As a startup, you have your hands full raising capital, putting a team together and ensuring regulatory compliance, among a million and one other challenges. What you don’t need is to shell out a lot of precious cash from your launch account to pay for a back office system to service your accounting, analysis and reporting needs. This is especially true if what’s available on the market ends up being overkill for your needs while your business is still in its infancy.

Key Takeaway:

  • Fund administration startup incubators provide essential tools and advanced technology at a fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise-level solutions.
  • A startup incubator offers rapid deployment of software solutions and scalable pricing models that align with business growth.
  • Startups benefit from extensive support, including training programs, webinars, consulting services, and continuous updates on industry trends and regulatory changes.

Introduction to Fund Administration Startup Incubators

Fund administration incubators are specialized sized-down platforms designed to support emerging fund administrators by providing essential tools and resources to streamline operations and foster growth. A fund administration incubator offers a combination of trimmed-down enterprise level software solutions to help new fund administrators efficiently manage back-office tasks, reduce operational costs, and focus on scaling their business.

The primary objective of a fund administration incubator is to simplify the complexities involved in fund administration, such as accounting, reporting, compliance, and investor relations. By leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, incubators enable startups to operate with the efficiency and capabilities of much larger, established firms.

An In-Depth Look at FundCount’s Fund Administration Startup Incubator Solution

FundCount, a leading provider of accounting and investment analysis and reporting software, offers a comprehensive Fund Administration Incubator tailored to meet the needs of emerging fund administrators. The incubator is designed to help new businesses focus on growth rather than getting bogged down by back-office complexities and high startup costs.

  • Focus on Business, Not Back-Office: Free up valuable time for client engagement and business development by automating tasks traditionally handled with spreadsheets or basic accounting software. Leverage advanced automation and reporting capabilities to streamline back-office processes.
  • Fast and Cost-Effective Launch: Get started quickly with minimal upfront investment. The incubator is designed for rapid onboarding, allowing you to bring new clients on board efficiently. The scalable solution ensures that costs align with business growth and client expansion, providing financial flexibility during the crucial early stages of your business.
  • Enterprise-Level Software Without the Hefty Price Tag: One of the standout features of this incubator service is the access to powerful software features typically found in high-end solutions, at a fraction of the cost. This includes automation of complex tasks, detailed reporting, and robust data management capabilities. These features empower you to operate with the efficiency of much larger firms without the associated financial burden.
  • Clear and Transparent Pricing Model: The incubator is built to be budget-friendly for fund administration startups. The pricing model is transparent, with clear costs outlined for different levels of service. This approach ensures that new businesses can plan their finances effectively without unexpected expenses.


      • Up to 5 funds
      • Up to US$50M AUA per fund
      • 1 user
  • Comprehensive Support and Resources: Gain access to extensive support resources to ensure a smooth learning curve and empower your team to use the software effectively. This might include self-learning modules, ad-hoc consulting advice, or a combination of both. The fully managed cloud solution eliminates the need for additional hardware or private cloud setups, further simplifying the operational process.
  • Scalability and Future-Proofing: The incubator’s design allows you to scale your operations effortlessly. There’s no need to re-implement or change the solution as your business grows, ensuring continuity and stability. This scalability is crucial for startups aiming to expand their client base and increase assets under administration without facing significant operational disruptions.

incubators enable startups to operate with the efficiency and capabilities of much larger, established firms.

Piecing it all Together

Fund administration incubators, like the one offered by FundCount, play a critical role in the growth and success of emerging fund administrators. By providing advanced technology, comprehensive support, and cost-effective solutions, an incubator enables your business to navigate the complexities of fund administration with confidence even though you are in the early phase.

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