Family offices and asset managers are constantly seeking sophisticated yet user-friendly online reporting solutions that empower their clients to make informed investment decisions. Recognizing this need, FundCount adopted Power BI, part of the Office 365 suite, as our standard client-facing online reporting platform. This powerful yet intuitive tool seamlessly integrates with our software, enabling clients to present and gain unparalleled visual insights into their portfolios with unprecedented ease.

Power BI is now available for download by FundCount clients.

The Power BI Advantage

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that empowers users to visualize and analyze their data in an intuitive and interactive way. Unlike traditional reporting platforms, Power BI is a Mobile-First open platform that allows users to customize existing dashboards and reports, or even create their own from scratch. This level of flexibility is invaluable for users, who can tailor their reports to their specific needs and preferences and extends the reach of FundCount’s fast, comprehensive reporting capabilities to end users.

Why Power BI?

There are quite a few reasons why we chose Power BI as a platform for our online reporting solution. Here are some of them:
Mobile-First and online reporting: Power BI is designed to be accessed from any device, making it easy for family members, investors, and other stakeholders to stay up to date with the latest information.

  • Customizability: Power BI is an open platform that allows users to customize existing dashboards and reports or create their own. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their reports to their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, Power BI can connect to over 200 different data sources, making it easy to integrate data from a variety of sources, including FundCount, into your reports.
  • Natural language querying with Power BI Q&A: Power BI Q&A allows users to ask questions about their data in plain language, without the need to write complex queries. This makes it easy for anyone to explore and understand their data.
  • Affordability: Power BI is free for users of Microsoft Office 365, which is a common tool among family offices. This eliminates the need for costly licensing fees, making it an attractive option for our clients.
  • Smooth transition from Excel to Power BI: Power BI lets you leverage your Excel expertise to quickly grasp Power BI’s intuitive interface and data manipulation capabilities, making it a seamless transition for existing Excel users. In fact, Microsoft now offers free certification courses for PowerBI and no longer offers these for Excel.
  • Community support: Power BI has a large and active community of users, developers, and consultants. This means that our clients can easily find help and support if they need it.
  • Microsoft investment in innovation: Since its release in 2011, Microsoft has been actively investing in PowerBI, enhancing its features and integrating it with other services. This is part of Microsoft’s broader commitment to cybersecurity and innovation, where it invests more than $1 billion annually, ensuring that PowerBI remains a cutting-edge reporting platform for years to come. Power BI’s integration with Azure and Microsoft’s ongoing investment in innovation ensure that users have access to cutting-edge data analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Ready Assistance: A global network of experienced Power BI consultants and developers is readily available to assist with implementing or customizing Power BI for your family office. These experts charge hourly a wide range of rates, making it easy to find qualified assistance that fits your budget and project requirements.
  • Comprehensive business rules and security: Power BI empowers organizations to establish holistic business rules and security roles, ensuring data integrity and access control across the enterprise.
  • Collaborative data sharing with a unified UI: Power BI fosters collaboration and simplifies data sharing through a single, user-friendly interface, facilitating seamless communication and decision-making among stakeholders.

FundCount Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

To further enhance the Power BI experience, we added a set of pre-configured dashboards specifically designed for FundCount users. These intuitive dashboards equip clients with a seamless and streamlined approach to data visualization and portfolio analysis.

The Future of Client-Facing Reporting

Traditional client-facing reports often relied on tables and charts, presenting a wealth of information but were sometimes lacking in context and impact. The latest developments in the field help transform raw data into captivating stories, making it easier for your clients to grasp the intricacies of their investments.

Interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs bring data to life, allowing family members to explore their portfolios at their own pace and uncover insights that might have remained hidden in traditional reports. This interactivity fosters deeper engagement, enabling your clients to ask questions, seek clarifications, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their investments.

Sample Power BI dashboard can be viewed on our website on the Reporting page here by clicking on the “See it in action” button. Give it a try!

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