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Established in 2008, Fund Associates has carved a niche for itself by offering cost-effective fund administration services to hedge funds, fund of funds, and other alternative partnerships. With a special emphasis on supporting emerging managers, the firm faced the challenge of efficiently setting up and launching funds while also training fund accountants. Their journey led them to seek an intuitive software solution that could seamlessly integrate partnership and portfolio accounting.


Roadmap to objectives

Determine the requirement

Recognize the challenges faced in setting up funds for emerging managers and the importance of training fund accountants.

Evaluate options

Consider various software solutions, assessing their capabilities and integration features.

Choice & execution

Choose FundCount for its user-friendly interface, integrated solution, and cost-effectiveness.

Functional amalgamation

Utilize FundCount for structuring new business investments, operations, and monthly investor reporting.

Key results

Efficient structuring of new business investments and operations from the outset.
Streamlined reconciliation process due to integrated portfolio and partnership accounting data.
Customizable reporting capabilities, catering to specific requests from managers and individual investors.
Automated monthly report generation and distribution, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.

"Having all portfolio and partnership accounting data integrated in one system speeds reconciliation and facilitates reporting."

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