Gained the ability to offer unique services, capture lost revenue streams, and streamline the audit process

Theorem Fund Services, a multi-service fund administrator based in Chicago, aimed to expand its fund administration platform. While they had the expertise to provide middle- and back-office solutions to various investment professionals, they sought to capture lost revenue streams by integrating multiple services into one cohesive system.


Roadmap to objectives

Recognize the opportunity

Understand the potential of capturing lost revenue streams by integrating multiple services.

Reconnect with familiar solutions

Re-engage with FundCount, a software previously known to the managing partners, to assess its updated capabilities.

Leverage software flexibility

Utilize FundCount’s adaptability for further software development in untapped areas.

Implement & offer

Launch the unique service that combines traditional fund administration with comprehensive tax solutions to clients.

Key results

Integrated core portfolio accounting and financial reporting functions in one system.
Streamlined data handling, allowing easy input from external sources and diverse format uploads.
Enhanced reporting capabilities, enabling the creation of custom reports without the need for programming knowledge.
Streamlined the audit process, resulting in quicker preparation of partnership returns, K-1s, and other financial statements.

"Technology that relies on spreadsheets and disconnected systems will never be as accurate and as efficient as FundCount, which has everything consolidated in one place."

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