Achieved efficiency gains and accurate reporting across complex client portfolios

Protege Fund Services is an independent, privately held fund administrator based in Singapore. The firm provides institutional and private clients with a wide range of funds and corporate services, including fund accounting, investor relations, corporate secretarial support, valuations, financial accounting, and risk reporting.


Roadmap to objectives

Understand the goal

Implement a comprehensive fund accounting solution that offers accurate, professional-looking client reports.

Kick the tires

Use FundCount’s Sandbox to test functionality with real data and ensure the solution meets all requirements.

Reduce manual processes

Utilize FundCount’s ETL tool to automate data entry, eliminate manual errors, and improve accuracy.

Streamline implementation

Work with a vendor that provides a high-level of customer service throughout all phases of the relationship.

Key results

Boosted confidence in accuracy of calculations with drill-down capabilities that show how results are derived.
Reduced time to administer funds by 50% using automated data entry and upload capabilities.
Streamlined reporting with customizable output to meet the needs of a growing client base.
Gained operational efficiencies with dependable calculations for NAV and management and performance fees.

"Thanks to FundCount, Protege has been able to easily support more clients and funds. We have grown sixfold in the last two years and expect double-digit growth going forward."

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