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Accelerated onboarding of new funds and existing funds with years of history and data

Piedmont Fund Services, an award-winning provider of fund administration services based in Washington, D.C., has expanded its reach to Latin America and Asia Pacific. As they transitioned from supporting start-up funds to larger, well-established institutional clients, the complexity of onboarding businesses with years of history became evident. To address this, they recognized the importance of efficiency and automation in their accounting and reporting processes.


Roadmap to objectives

Acknowledge the challenge

Understand the complexities of onboarding larger clients with extensive historical data.

Seek the right tools

Explore software solutions that offer flexibility and comprehensive features, leading to the selection of FundCount.

Optimize data handling

Utilize FundCount’s range of templates to efficiently set up prior balances, upload transactions, and manage investor and investment profiles.

Enhance reporting capabilities

Leverage FundCount’s flexibility to cater to the diverse reporting needs of growing clientele.

Key results

Efficient onboarding of new and existing funds, with rapid setup of prior balances and data uploads.
Enhanced reporting flexibility, accommodating the needs of a growing client base, including private equity and hedge funds.
Automated investor allocations and detailed calculation logs, ensuring accurate fee calculations and interest accruals.
Successful integration with Piedmont’s online reporting portal, allowing clients to access reports, important documents, and digital subscription features.

"We appreciate companies like FundCount who bring a long-term view and execute on that vision. That’s how you build a successful partnership and a successful business."

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