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5 Asset Management Trends to Watch in 2020

Interview with James Haluszczak, Managing Partner, SteelBridge Consulting

James Haluszczak, industry veteran and founder of SteelBridge Consulting, and his firm are exclusively focused on serving as a strategic advisor to private equity and venture capital fund managers, investors, and administrators.

FundCount asked James to share his perspective on the top 5 asset management trends that he anticipates will have the greatest impact on the private capital industry in 2020.

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Client News

FundCount closed out 2019 on a high note, with the addition of several new clients:

  • A large California-based single family office chose FundCount to manage its $400m array of public, private and direct investments. FundCount was selected over two major industry competitors based on the company’s ability to account for and analyze all investment classes as well as its innovative approach to connecting with external applications that improve a firm’s operations.
  • AD Services, the finance arm of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn, selected FundCount on the strength of the software’s underlying general ledger and flexible investment structure reporting capability, which will enable AD Services to meet its unique requirements.
  • A large $1bn+ family office in London with investments in public and private equities chose FundCount over enterprise, cloud-based portfolio management and outsourced accounting solutions based on the control and efficiency of workflow that FundCount provides. FundCount will improve the quality and timeliness of incoming data for better reporting to management and the family.
  • Golden Fund Management Services in Mauritius, a fund administrator to a locally listed fund, signed with FundCount through our local reseller. FundCount was selected because of its robust accounting foundation and ability to provide accurate and timely reporting to the rigorous timetables required of a public listing.

Client Quote

“FundCount has enabled us to add clients and grow, which we could not have otherwise done as efficiently.”
— Rainier Crouse
Senior Manager, Paget-Brown Trust Company

Product News

Reducing complexity is one of the goals of FundCount. We continually enhance the look and feel of the software to ensure it provides the most intuitive, easy-to-use customer experience.

Functionality is also critical, which is why we’re committed to adding new products and expanding existing capabilities to meet our clients’ changing needs. Two of the latest enhancements to FundCount include:

  • Integration with popular business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.
  • Comprehensive support for omnibus entity accounting and inter-entity payments in accounts payable for single and multi-family offices.

Welcome Aboard

In addition to Abigail Loar, who recently joined FundCount as Implementation Specialist, FundCount also added a QA engineer, a software developer and a technical writer. A warm welcome to all!


FundCount is off to a strong start in the 2020 industry awards season. We’re pleased to have been shortlisted in the following categories and awards around the globe.

Private Asset Management (PAM) Awards

  • Best general ledger system
  • Best multi-asset class portfolio management system
  • Best partnership accounting system

Winners will be announced on February 6th.

Family Wealth Report

  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Accounting

Winners will be announced on March 18th.

WealthBriefing Swiss Awards

Client accounting, client communications, or client reporting — which one will it be? We know we won one award, but don’t yet know which. FundCount and other winners will learn more in the awards ceremony on February 6th in Geneva.

Stay tuned!

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About FundCount

Founded in 1999, FundCount provides integrated accounting and investment analysis software that improves operational efficiency and delivers immediate, actionable intelligence to clients around the globe. Today, over 130 hedge funds, single and multi-family offices, fund administrators and private equity firms worldwide with assets totaling more than US $150 billion rely on FundCount for accurate, timely information and flexible reporting. FundCount supports its growing client base from the company’s U.S. headquarters and four additional international locations.

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