Acquired robust accounting features, advanced client support, and flexible reporting

Aquilance, a Connecticut-based firm, offers financial administration services to high net worth families, ensuring timely and accurate reports to simplify complex personal finances. However, as client demands for expanded reports grew, Aquilance sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate investment reporting, balance sheets, and partnership accounting across diverse asset classes and entity structures.


Roadmap to objectives

Identify the challenge

Гnderstand the need for a comprehensive reporting solution that can cater to expanding client demands.

Explore solutions

Investigate potential software solutions, with FundCount emerging as a promising candidate due to its integrated features.

Test & validate

Utilize FundCount Sandbox to assess the software’s performance, transaction handling, and report flexibility.

Finalize & implement

After satisfactory testing, adopt FundCount as the primary solution to meet the firm’s reporting and accounting needs.

Key results

Aquilance enhanced its reporting capabilities, allowing for security-level, entity-level, and consolidated views of investment performance.
Efficient recording of contributions and distributions, eliminating the need for error-prone spreadsheets.
Automated processes introduced, reducing manual work and operational risks.
Creation of report packages for multiple entities streamlined, enabling quick customization based on client requirements.

"Newer systems skip over many details, but FundCount has grown over time and includes all the functionality that is necessary to do investment accounting embedded into the system. We have been very pleased with FundCount and know that we have only begun to tap the surface of its many capabilities."

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